MyFinis is an independent wealth management firm headquartered in Menlo Park, CA. We specialize in extensive financial planning and customized investment management for individuals, families and select non-profits.

We work in a collaborative environment which delivers to our clients the collective knowledge, expertise and insights of the Firm’s professionals.



Customized, tax-efficient investing that incorporates our clients’ specific financial issues and objectives.
Expertise to proactively analyze and recommend strategies to optimize clients’ income tax situation.
Help clients diversify concentrated equity positions by incorporating taxes, price, and the relevant time frame within the context of overall asset allocation.
Advise on estate multi-generational and/or charitable issues to ensure clients’ desired objectives are achieved.
In-depth tools and experienced guidance to help clients towards desired outcomes, such as financial independence
With over 140 years of collective experience, we have seen most situations before. The alternative of depending on Google searches for advice is not a winning strategy.

Meet Our Professionals.

Bahrrett Thomas

Bahrrett Thomas

Founder & CEO
Patrick M. O'Connell

Patrick M. O'Connell

Siggi Campel

Siggi Campel

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Business Executive


MyFinis is an active manager seeking long-term capital gains and income for our clients across different asset classes. Asset allocation is customized based on the client’s circumstances as well as economic conditions and relative market valuations.

MyFinis has a formal investment process whereby our Investment Committee determines which asset classes are attractive (or not) and which securities might be in client portfolios. The Investment Committee meets formally at least once weekly, but our research and dialogue around investing is continuous.

MyFinis invests based on themes. A theme can lead us to an individual company, a particular sector, an asset class or a specific market. Investing in individual companies is preferred, as it eliminates a layer of fees. Many clients have sufficient wealth that MyFinis can achieve diversification through investments in individual securities, and so individual securities often comprise a meaningful part of client portfolios. However, clients of all sizes may have funds or outside managers, when warranted, such as when market access, strategies, diversification or expertise justify the expense.

Taxes are a critical component of long-term returns. Individual security investing is tax-efficient through the ability to control the timing of capital gains as well as tax-loss harvesting. MyFinis proactively considers how certain investments fit within a client’s taxable and tax-deferred accounts (i.e. a higher dividend paying stock may be in an IRA, while a non-dividend stock is in the taxable account)


Why Myfinis?

Myfinis is an apt name for our Firm. Achieving financial independence requires patience, determination and stamina. And it requires a guide that can help every step of the way as life, needs and objectives evolve. Myfinis provides financial counsel and proactive investment management, so our clients can climb as far and as high as they aspire.



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